Intensive German Courses A1-B2

Intensive Courses

German – The language of poets and thinkers, was not invented in a day!
Deutsch Cafe Intensive German Courses are specifically designed to accelerate the language learning process for students at the A1 – B2 level. In our Intensive German courses, students learn the fundamentals of the German language according to the GER.Speaking skills, listening, reading comprehension and text writing are trained.
Up to 10 people study together, so that the individual learning success of each student can be guaranteed with a good level of motivation. Communication practice is the gist of our Intensive German courses, followed by listening comprehension, reading and writing. The aim of these intensive German courses is to empower the participants to the most important situations. Our students should be able to get in touch and to communicate with mother tongue speakers easily and to perfect their German with every further level.

Our methodical and didactical classes take place in a modern computer-assisted classroom. In addition to a textbook, a Moodle Plattform for online tasks is provided for clarifying all questions that occured later and individual training.
These intensive German courses take 8 weeks and the entry is (except A1) at any time possible. The lessons vary from 20-30 units per week, depending on the course type. These lessons take place either in the morning or in the afternoon.
Do you plan a longer stay in Germany for studying or for the pursuit of a profession, then take about a year for learning German perfectly – there is a lot to discover and to learn to speak German authenticly!