Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms and Conditions
    1. The course fee which appears on the price list is valid at the time of application. If you require a booking confirmation for the course or a room, the course fee must be paid. The full course fee must be paid before the beginning of the course. If the full fee is not paid in time, the participant has no right of reservation. The participant must meet the cost of bank charges for the payment of course fees.
    2. Included in the course fees are DeutschCafé services like consultation, placement test, issuing course certificates, intern exams as well as organising free time activities.
    3. You book a language course according to your level, not a teacher.
    4. DeutschCafé helps you to find carefully selected private accommodation for a fee of 100 € if you rent for at least 4 weeks.
    5. In case of a withdrawal up to 4 weeks before the beginning of a course, we refund all payments except a processing fee of 20%, refund at withdrawal 14 days before begin of booked course is 70%, 7 days before the beginning the refund is 50% and after the beginning of course there is no refund possible. The registration fee, contained withing the course fees, will not be refunded. Attention: In case of applying on a visa, we send you an official confirmation for your course, if your visa is rejected then you have to send us the original letter from the ambassy.
    6. Other reasons of prevention:
      • If you can not take part in our courses or when you are unable to arrive in time, you have the possibility to start the course at a later date or to adjourn the course. In this case you don’t loose any course weeks, because the course extends automatically.
      • Miss-outs due to illness, travel etc. will not be refunded.
      • If a participant has to cancel his stay, he has no right to get a refund.
    7. Indicated course schedules can be changed also for a course that has already started if it is necessary for organizational reasons.
    8. If we have to cancel your course, your payment will be fully refunded. DeutschCafé is not liable should it be prevented by acts of God from providing its services. If a student has to interrupt his stay, he has no claim to any compensation. The participant has no right to any further claims.
    9. Visa and confirmations or other documents: We will give booking confirmations only if the course is fully paid in advance. If the Visa is not issued, we need the written notice of the embassy and we will keep a processing fee of 200 Euros. The registration fee, contained within the course fees, will not be refunded.
    10. Public holidays: There are no lessons on the following Holidays: Dreikönigstag, Rosenmontag, Karfreitag, Ostermontag, Maifeiertag, Christi Himmelfahrt, Pfingstmontag, Fronleichnam, Nationalfeiertag, Allerheiligen. The course fees and the date of the course ending are not affected by those holidays.
    11. With holidays on a Thursday lessons don’t take place on the following Friday. The lessons of Friday are then in addition to the normal course time.
    12. The course fee does not include any kind of insurance.
    13. Group courses: The minimum number of participants for intensive courses is six. In case of less then six students in one group we will reduce the number of lessons. With 4-5 participants we will give 3 instead of 4 lessons a day, with 2-3 participants we will teach 2 instead of 4 lessons. With payment of an additional fee we will teach the full amount of lessons. The minimum number of participants for super intensive courses is four. With 3 participants we will give 3 instead of 4 lessons a day, with 2 participants we will teach 2 instead of 4 lessons.
    14. On the Christmas holidays no lessons take place.
    15. DeutschCafé legal domicile is Freiburg.
    16. If accommodation has been booked through our language school, this booking is binding and the rent must be paid, even if the course is canceled. A resignation is only possible if the student finds another renter for the duration.

    17. Place of jurisdiction is Freiburg.