Why our school

Small groups

Individual approach + teamwork

  • Teacher´s individual assistance and focus on every student
  • Address gaps in student´s knowledge
  • Adapting resources for more individual learning
  • Work in pairs/small groups – time for practical communication training
  • No traditional student-teacher hierarchy – process of learning together, more freedom in expression
  • More space for student’s feedback and questions, which builds engagement and motivation to learn

Professional staff

Expertise + experience

Qualified lecturers with linguistic educational background
Teachers with many years of experience in German as a foreign language and foreign technical language
Innovative know-how: communication training through unique simulations and games
All the teachers are certified Telc-Examiners

Test preparation

Systematic test preparation during the course + experienced examiners

  • Repetead preparation for the test over the period of the course gives you the possibility to get familliar with the whole structure of the exam and its application in all the important topics

Outside DeutschCafé

Extracurricular activities = integration + language practice!

  • We create a family-like atmosphere and spending time outside classroom !
  • Students spend time together and practise the language skills gained in the course of classes and put it to practice during trips, movies and tandem evenings

Great feedback

Effectiviness + great life-experience

  • Teachings’s techniques
  • Professional holistic approach towards learning a language (pronunciation, grammar, reading comprehension etc.)
  • Innovative group exercises (vocabulary games etc.)
  • Extracurricular activities (trips. movies and tandem evenings)
  • …feeling of belonging to a family while being at DeutschCafé

Central location

Location in the heart of Freiburg = convenience + beauty of the old town

  • 2 min walking distance from the nearest train station
  • Location allowing to get to know the city beginning from its unique and beautiful Old City
  • Cafés, restaurants, cultural activities – all cumulated in the city center